Welcome to NkMip Canyon Desert GC!

Welcome to Nk’Mip Canyon Desert GC!

Nk’Mip is a full length Championship course that has grown into a world-class golf facility.  Owned and operated by the Osoyoos Indian Band, Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course expanded from a relaxed nine-hole course to a championship model in 2001. We have redesigned our course to include 2 new spectacular holes for 2015.  The result is a striking blend of natural contrasts divided into the desert-dominated Canyon Nine, which delights in throwing the elements at an unwary golfer, and the more laid-back Grove Nine whose verdant fairways and greens welcome a long drive and a satisfying putt.

Come play through the spectacular vineyard, sage and stone vistas and watch the sun play tricks on the mountains.

Our Mission

Our vision at Nk’Mip Canyon is to be recognized as one of the Premier Golf Courses in Canada.  We will accomplish this by providing both exceptional golf and social experiences while at the same time promoting fellowship and camaraderie among our membership.

We will present our Golf Course to a consistently high standard without compromising the natural characteristics and beauty of the land.  By doing this we hope to retain our identity as a true championship golf course with playing conditions that are fair and enjoyable by all levels of skill.

We will make our entire facility enjoyable, accessible and affordable to all future and existing members, therefore consistently promoting the game of golf.  We will strive to exceed the expectations of all our guests and members so that they feel completely at home every time they visit our facility and that they will look forward to their return visit.

We will pride ourselves in providing a positive work environment, opportunities for OIB members as a training ground and conduct all business dealings with honesty, integrity and respect.

We must believe that everyday is the day that the reputation of our facility will be created and judged.  We believe that the team we have assembled will meet the challenge and live this belief.

In our pursuit of perfection we will “tolerate excellence”.  This level of excellence will not be easily achieved but when it is, we will have reached the level by which other premier courses set their standards.