Senior Men’s – Monday Mornings

NK’Mip Canyon  hosts a variety of fun and exciting events and golf tournaments throughout the year, like Senior Men’s Mornings! Discover how you can take part or support friends and family. Click the event in the listing below or flip through the calendar to find out what events are scheduled. We hope to see you here! To sign-up for an event, please call us at (250) 498-2880.

April 6 – Senior Men’s Spring Meeting

April 6 – First Senior Men’s Day
9am Shotgun

MAY 4: No Senior Men’s Morning During Aurora Open

June 1 – Senior Men’s Open
10am Shotgun

June 5 – Senior Men’s Open
10am Shotgun

Oct 5 – Senior Men’s Fall Meeting

Oct 5 – Senior Men’s Final Golf & Lunch
9am Shotgun

If you are looking to book your own event, please call the pro-shop!

Senior Mens Events:

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