Memberships for 2023










Memberships Include:

Advanced Booking Privileges Eligible for all Membership Events
Merchandise & Cart Discounts Unlimited use of the Practise Facility
Account Privileges Reciprocal Rates to all Zone 2 Golf Courses
Special “Membership Guest” Rate Dining and Meeting Facilities
Computerized Handicap System Discounted Golf Lessons
BC Men’s and BC Ladies Golf Association Dues

Corporate memberships are available, please contact the Pro Shop for further inquiries.


Fill out and return your membership application form & fees to the Proshop. For renewing members, have your form & fees in before December 12, 2022 to save!

The membership activation fee shall not be transferable or assignable by any Member in any manner whatsoever, and shall not have any cash surrender value.


For 2023, an Initiated Adult Membership is $2620. An Intermediated Membership (39 Years and Younger) is $1,400. A Junior Membership (ages 8 – 18) is $300.00. A Retainer Fee Membership is $350.00. They shall not be transferable or assignable by any Member in any manner whatsoever, and shall not have any cash surrender value. (Rates include applicable taxes)


All Adult, Corporate and Inactive members will be charged a Clubhouse Service Charge of $100.00. This charge will be directly allocated to each individual’s account as a credit and may be utilized in the Proshop to help support our merchandising program. This credit will not be transferable from year to year nor have any cash surrender value


Any member in good standing shall at any time upon approval of the General Manager, take a medical leave of absence for one season while paying the agreed upon Retainer fee. The Retainer fee is not refundable if the member returns to play during said season. The Member shall pay upon return a pro-rated amount of membership fee’s on the remaining balance of the season.

Each Member shall be classified as a Full Adult Member, Corporate Membership, Student Member, Junior Member or Inactive Member.

Any person 19 years or older having paid full dues.

Junior Members are valid members up to their 19th Birthday at which time they are considered to be an adult. Tee time restrictions include 24 hr. booking policy during Prime time. (Monday to Sunday & Holidays prior to 11:00 am). Junior’s may play before 11:00 AM if accompanied by an adult. The full amount of any Junior Membership dues paid up to this point will be applied towards the Initiation fee if the junior wishes to attain a Full Adult Membership.

An Inactive Member is a Full Member in good standing that, due to medical reasons or for a leave of absence is unable to play golf for an entire golf season. These Members will be charged a Retainer fee, which will be allowed solely by the General Manager. These will be handled on individual basis and must be applied for.

Membership Benefits Rules & Regulations


  • Members may book tee times seven days in advance. (Monday for next Monday etc.)
  • If any member has a guest or guests playing in their group the guest will receive a discount off the regular 18-hole rate.
  • Special request’s such as Inter-clubs or other types of events may be made to the Head Professional and will be dealt with on individual needs & merits.
  • All Members are expected to check into the Golf Shop prior to play.
  • No play is to begin on any other tee other than the first tee without permission from the Golf Shop.
  • Number of players, no five-somes or more will be permitted with out expressed permission from the Golf Shop staff.


The pace of play is an essential element of golf etiquette. Foursomes falling behind by one hole or more shall be required to catch up or will be moved forward by the Player Assistant’s. Members playing faster than our scheduled pace of play must not hinder or harass any quests. If a guest is falling behind the course pace, the member should contact the Proshop or the Player Assistants only.


When approaching Tee & Green area’s carts MUST be kept on the paved area and off the grass.


All persons at the golf course are expected to be in attire appropriate to the golf course “Appropriate Attire” shall mean clean presentable clothing in good condition. Cut-offs, short shorts, bib overalls and tank tops are not considered appropriate attire. Shirts, shoes or sandals must be worn at all times on the Golf Course premises.


No person may possess or consume liquor at the Golf Course unless it was sold to the person by the staff of Nk’Mip Canyon as permitted by law and the Liquor Control Board. Any person consuming liquor not purchased on site, will be asked to leave the course and will forfeit his fee.


The club house is a non smoking area. For those who smoke, we ask that you please be considerate of others, our beautiful natural environment and the fire danger (pickup your butts) around the clubhouse and on the course.


Storage of golf clubs and or Power Carts will be provided by Nk’Mip Canyon on an Annual basis. Nk’Mip Canyon and its employees shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of property from any storage areas.


Player Assistants shall be under the supervision of the Head Golf Professional or in his absence one of the Professional staff. Player Assistants have the duty & responsibility to offer service to the users of the golf course. They will seek aid for medical emergencies and provide information and education on pertinent rules, regulation and course etiquette. Player assistants shall report adverse playing conditions to the professional staff. Management has the right to suspend playing privileges of persons who are uncooperative or repeat offenders so as to preserve and enhance the safety and enjoyment of the game of golf for all others.


Full Members will receive a discount on any regularly priced inventory with the exception of golf balls and golf equipment. Member’s guests shall receive a discount off the normal price of a green fee with a limit of 3 guests’ per member. (Must be playing with the member)

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