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COVID-19 Related Messages to Golfers

Covid-19 Related Messages

In response to the changes presented due to Covid-19, we at NK’Mip Canyon Golf Course would like to extend our most sincere wishes for you and your family to remain safe and healthy during these challenging times. As well, we would like to share some information with you in regards to changes here at the golf course.

As the 2nd Phase of Covid-19 is now with us, we can open a little more.

  • You may now share carts with anyone within your bubble and you are comfortable sharing with.  (This will potentially allow us to open more tee-times) Cart inventory dictates how many tee-times we can open.
  • The Proshop will open up our merchandise area, we ask that you only touch merchandise if you are seriously interested in a purchase because any item tried on and not purchased will need to be set aside for a period of decontamination.  The health department has stated that the chances are low for cross-contamination, but we feel that setting inventory aside is the safest practice for all our members and guests.  If you have tried anything on, and choose not to purchase, please give the item to a staff member so they can put it aside for a period of time.
  • We will be opening the driving range for practice to everyone including people without a Tee-Time.  The practice chipping area will be opened however, you MUST use your own balls and you must pick them up after your use. NO Driving Range Balls.  Anyone that wishes to use the Driving Range and/or Practice area on a visit to the course will not be able to borrow a cart (due to cart shortage and safety sanitizing).  We will put the Tee’s back on the mats so that you may use your Drivers.
  • Club Leagues: a meeting will be held with the Club Captains to see how we can startup leagues (Senior Men, Ladies, and Wed night Men’s Night).  Either your club captain or I will send out an email with you as to the decisions.

Stay safe and be kind.

Golfer Responsibilities

  • Golfers showing signs of Covid-19 will not be let out onto the golf course and sent home.
  • Only 2 people allowed in the shop at a time.
  • Where possible prop doors open to limit contact points.
  • Floors of the Clubhouse will be taped to provide direction of traffic and proper
    distancing while in the Pro Shop.
  • Restrict payment to credit or debit card
  • Credit/Debit terminal cleaned after every use.
  • Single door entry and exits will be in place, continuous one-way traffic throughout the Clubhouse.
  • Reduced tee times to limit the number of people on the property at one time.
  • Only tee time holders allowed on the property.
  • Arrival to the course is limited to 30 minutes prior to their tee time.
  • Golfers must vacate the premises immediately after golf, no loitering or gathering in the parking lot.
  • All carts must be returned to the designated cart area by 7:00pm as this is the current closing time.
  • No touching the flagsticks
  • No rakes in bunkers, smooth out after use and you may use a free drop if you are in a footprint, local rule, no penalty.
  • Golfer’s will be taking their own cart unless from the same household.
  • Golf carts will be sanitized with an approved cleanser from Zep Cleaning Supplies after every use.
  • Cart users will have to dispose of their trash from the cart after play.
  • Driving range is restricted to irons only to prevent people from handling the golf balls.
  • Range balls will be set out for golfers preventing of contact points of the ball dispenser and range baskets.
  • Every other range stall will be closed to ensure proper distancing.
  • Use of personal golf balls only allowed on the chipping green and pitching area.
  • Golfers will be asked to continuous putt and only 1 person on the tee off area at a time to maintain proper distancing.
  • No hugging, hand shaking, or any other golf traditions will be tolerated at the course.
  • Golfers should only touch their own golf equipment, golf balls, and refrain from picking up tees or lost golf balls.
  • Golfers will be asked to do their part by using the provided sanitizers and bring their own from home to meet the Health recommendations.
  • Golfers not following the current guidelines may be asked to leave the property without a refund.

Wash your hands, do not touch your face, physical distance at all times, be safe, enjoy the beautiful course and scenery!

Note: By accept excepting our guidelines to play golf and be on the Nk’Mip property, you waive all rights and indemnify Nk’Mip Desert Canyon Golf Course of all wrong doings.

Nk’Mip Members Re-launch of Golf 2020

The planned re-open of the golf course for the 2020 season will be Friday, May 1st and operations will be different while dealing with Covid-19 scenario. Management’s main concern is for the safety and the well-being of Members, Guest’s, and staff. The best way to prevent spreading the virus is to ‘wash your hands regularly’, ‘avoid touching your face’ and ‘maintaining the physical distancing of 6ft’. We will only allow golfers onto the property that are not showing any signs of the Covid-19 virus. Golfers will be allowed onto the property only 30 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time and ask that you leave immediately following your round. Please avoid congregating in groups when on the property. There will be new protocols put into place to ensure we comply with the B.C. Ministry of Health. Members are reminded to bring their own sanitizer or wipes even as we will be cleaning on a regular basis.

Members can only book by phone or on-line through our website and only 1 tee time booking will be allowed per phone call. All League play is currently suspended until further notice. As we have installed a new system you may have to create a new profile unless you already have an existing Golf Now account. When prompted on the Member section to provide a password, please use the word ‘teetimes’ all lower case with no spaces. With the tee sheet having reduced starting times to allow for social distancing, we ask all Members to be patient as you may not get the desired tee time. Members may call after 4pm the day prior to check if there are any unused green fee slots which we would release and book for any Member. Call the Pro Shop if you are unsure of the last sentence. The NEW booking of tee times is now 9:00am 7 days in advance.

The Pro Shop will allow only 2 people in at a time and you will enter through the main door and exit out the side door, arrows on the floor will guide you. The golf course will be closing at 7pm meaning all carts are dropped off in the newly designated area located in the lower parking lot. We ask all Members to either charge to their in-house account or use credit/debit card in the Pro Shop and Restaurant. When using the Clubhouse restrooms, enter through the main door and exit through the side door. Both side doors facing the ninth green will become exit only doors. The restaurant will be open with a limited menu for take-out only, no in-house dining allowed currently. To access the restaurant, enter through the main door and proceed directly or through the door facing number nine green of the patio and exit the patio door facing the north patio. We are trying to have a continuous traffic flow maintaining the social distancing guidelines.

While in the Pro Shop we ask you to have a Staff member to get a merchandise product from the rack and refrain from touching the products. Golfers will be asked to take their own golf cart unless they are from the same household. Golfers will be responsible for clearing their golf cart from all debris and placing it into the correct receptable garbage bins. The carts will be cleaned and sanitized with an approved Coid-19 virus product after each use.

The driving range will be open for warm-up prior to your round only utilizing every other stall. The range will be for irons only as we do not want anyone touching the golf balls. The balls will be placed into the trays by the staff, no using the ball dispenser or baskets. The chipping area is open, you must use your own golf balls, no use of range balls.

On the golf course, their will be no rakes in the bunkers, the ball washers will be covered, we will have foam in the cups, and no touching of the flag sticks. We ask everyone only to touch their own equipment, golf balls, and tees. Please refrain from looking for lost balls. Only 1 golfer on the tee box any a time maintaining the 6ft distance. On the greens, we ask you to continuous putt thereby only having 1 person on the green. The restrooms will be open and will have sanitizer outside the entrance for your use and ask that you wipe down the taps and doorknob after use. The putting green will be open for use prior to the round, use proper distancing. The onus is on all of us to keep fellow golfers safe!

Members and Guests are asked to follow the above actions, if they are not followed, golfing privileges may be suspended.

We do not now how long these new protocols will last, we ask for your patience, consideration, and understanding so we a can be safe and healthy and enjoy the game we all love!

Lee Sapach
Head Golf Professional

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